J2CI Smart Ring Finger Sizing Gauges Use Guide

Revision 01.04.2022



Finger Sizing Gauges are available to accurately measure your ring finger, to ensure a custom fitted J2CI Smart Ring per your unique specifications.


Finger Sizing Gauges Features

  • Rigid, smooth inner gauge diameters, accommodating a myriad of sizes
  • 18 total finger sizes are supported--6 per gauge (see Figure 1)
  • Each size is lettered to the left of the corresponding opening
  • Gauges are break-away to ensure your safety



  • In the morning, preferably prior to eating or exercise and while comfortably seated in  a cool environment, find the most appropriate sizing gauge opening for the finger you intend to wear your J2CI Smart Ring
  • Gently slide the sizing gauge, lettered size facing upwards, over your chosen finger such that the fit is snug, but not too tight
  • It is okay if the fit feels a little tight while sliding the sizing gauge over the bottom knuckle of your chosen finger (see Figure 2)
  • Make a note of the letter to the left of the sizing gauge opening that provides the most snug and most comfortable fit
  • With your sizing gauge kit serial number, please provide your ring size letter to our attention at support@2-dooz.com



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