2-Dooz’s mission is to create socially conscious tech that aids in the discovery of purpose.  Based in Silicon Valley, the company was founded by Tony Clark, President, CEO and Chairman of 2-Dooz, in May of 2006.

2-Dooz is a privately funded incubator and accelerator.   Driven by a diverse Advisory Board, having a combined expertise ranging from high-tech to medicine, the company pursues innovative projects which are consistent with its mission.

Aquairius Mood Sensing Jewelry and the J2 Smart Ring are two featured 2-Dooz incubation projects.  Both are consistent with the company’s vision of the Emotive Internet, wherein biosensors and software algorithms combine to enable the real-time detection and recognition human emotion.  Our smart mood sensing sharing devices combine the iconic, 1970's mood stone with today's wireless, sensor and mobile apps technology.  More information about the project can be found at http://emotion.2-dooz.com.


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